Reversing Cameras

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Reversing Cameras

Reversing Backing Cameras

We can fit a backing camera to any car, van or truck.  We add a small and discrete screen to your rear view mirror or dash, or we can integrate the reverse camera with your car's factory screen.

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The camera itself can be installed to look just like it was done at the factory. 


A Rapid Radio reversing camera integrated with a factory screen.


Add a camera display to your rear view mirror

This clips over your existing rear view mirror and contains a 4.3" LCD colour monitor. The right side is the interior mirror, whilst the left side is the dedicated LCD monitor. Picture quality, orientation and AV input can be selected from the monitors control buttons or by the supplied  remote.   2 x AV inputs.


Seperate dash-mounted screen


Talk to us at Rapid Radio about backing and reversing cameras in your car.


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