Changes to speed cameras

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Changes to speed cameras

Changes to speed cameras
Since 2009, New Zealand Police have started to reintroduce the use of the K-band frequencies with their mobile speed cameras.  Until then, this frequency range hadn’t been used for anything more than automatic door opening sensors at your local service station.

Many radar detectors are set up with the K-band frequency manually disabled, which is intended to help eliminate false alerts.  With K-band on, your detector will often go off whenever you go past buildings with automatic sliding doors – the ones with motion sensors above the door.  Banks, service stations, and shops are a common place for these, which causes it to give false alerts all over town.

How can you separate the false alarms from actual speed cameras?

Rapid Radio offers radar detectors from Beltronics and Escort with GPS filtering built in.  The simplest way to explain how it works is the radar “remembers” where the false alerts are, and eliminates it.  It filters the K-band incoming frequency and determines if it’s a known false (like a service station) or something new like a parked speed camera.

Using pre-programmed GPS settings, these radars will point out where they fixed pole mounted cameras are.  These cameras don’t use radar, instead relying on a cable loop under the road to determine your speed.  The radar detector can’t pick anything up, but the GPS system knows they’re there and “reminds” you to check your speed.


Rapid Radio has a range of radar detectors from Beltronics and Escort, including custom installed models that are nearly invisible.  This reduces the chance of break ins and eliminates the risk of theft from your car.  View our range of radar detectors and laser jammers here.

Looking for the classic Valentine One radar system, or ready to upgrade to a new GPS capable radar detection system?  Get in touch and let us help you.


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Remeber that radar operation varies around the world. Radars manufactured for other countries will likely not be compatible with systems employed by New Zealand Police.

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